Welcome to my Matthews & Davies Family Tree

Hello and welcome!

I first became interested in the history of my family after a trip to the United Kingdom in 2009. No one previously within the Matthews – Davies family, to the best of my knowledge, had ever taken the time to sit down and record who was who within this family tree. 

It will remain, as most family trees should, a work in progress thereby allowing me to keep adding bits and pieces of information that come my way for many years to come. I have decided to use a web-log to record the history and photographs that I find rather than on paper that way its remains current and available to any member of the family wherever they are in the world.

This blog is arranged so that access to what I call static information is available on every page. Here you will find stuff about the actual family tree in a chart format, the main tree branches that I have identified, significant villages where members of the family lived, United Kingdom census dates and my contact details.

Listed on the right of the page are the main tree branches with links to further information about each branch including where available photographs, census records, birth, deaths and marriage records.

Have a look around and drop me a line via e-mail with your thoughts and ideas. I would greatly appreciate it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Can You Help?

This picture was also taken outside the 'Rising Sun Inn', located on Hunshelf Bank, Stocksbridge, Yorkshire.
Harry Newton was the publican at the time (his name is above the door in the top left of the picture)

Can you recognise any of the people in the picture?

Please e-mail me if know anything about this picture.

Can You Help?

I believe that the picture below shows a group of people sitting at the front of the 'Rising Sun Inn', which was located on Hunshelf Bank, Stocksbridge, Yorkshire.
The date is unknown but the time period would be about 1909-1919.
I also believe that the lady in the picture was Mrs Elizabeth Newton (nee Bower) (1875).
She was the 2nd wife of Harry Newton (1869-1909).
Elizabeth was the publican of the 'Rising Sun Inn' from about 1909 to 1919.

Do you know any of the other people in the picture?

Please e-mail me if know anything about this picture.